Hunter Design Co. is fueled by a genuine passion for branding and design and a mission to help businesses thrive into leading brands. Founded by Brandon Hunter, a veteran designer and eCommerce trailblazer whose career dates back to the mid-1990s, we bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to every project. Brandon's journey began in the pre-Google era, when designers had to master every aspect of their craft, from strategy to execution.
Over the years, Brandon has partnered with a diverse range of clients, from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 100 titans and legendary bands like Pearl Jam and Metallica. He’s turned local businesses into national powerhouses and helped niche companies dominate their industries. Brandon's knack for understanding what makes a brand resonate with its audience is the cornerstone of Hunter Design Co.’s success.
By comprehending where a company is today and envisioning its future potential, Hunter Design Co. helps businesses become better, bolder, and more impactful. "We’re not just another design firm; when we partner with a client, we’re all-in, treating the relationship like family. We fight tirelessly for our clients' success, adapting and overcoming challenges with unwavering determination," says Brandon Hunter.
Currently, Hunter Design Co. is the creative force behind a select group of brands in the construction industry. Brandon is a seasoned expert in branding contractor-grade tools and equipment, connecting with end-users through his hands-on approach. He’s a builder of creative ideas with rolled-up sleeves, dirty hands, and an unstoppable work ethic.
Our mission is to blend the art of design and copy with the science of strategy and technology to create brands that resonate, captivate, and endure. We aim to transform visionary ideas into tangible realities, helping businesses of all sizes stand out in a crowded marketplace and look good doing it.  We have a knack for turning the underdogs into the top dogs by envisioning what is possible and driving growth that fosters unbreakable connections.
We see a world where every business, regardless of size, has the chance to shine and thrive. Our mission is to be champions for our clients, delivering thoughtful brand strategy and compelling design that consistently hits the mark and drives success. By pioneering the latest trends and honoring timeless branding principles, we empower businesses to reach their full potential and cultivate lasting loyalty among their customers.
Innovation: We're not just keeping up with the times; we're always thinking ahead.
Integrity: We believe that honesty builds trust and anything else is a compromise we aren't willing to make.
Passion: We pour our hearts into every project, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves.
Collaboration: The best ideas come when hearts and minds have an equal passion for amazing outcomes no matter where they come from.
Excellence: Good enough is never excellent. By working towards perfection, regardless of budget or timeline, we can result assured in a job well done.
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